Hi there, you're looking for more Matt material. We have lots of screencaps on our site Matthew Lillard Online, please link back to our galleries if you use certain screencaps. Where did you get the images in your header for Messages Deleted?

Some Russian site >_<  It took forever and I didn’t save them all and now I can’t go back </3

Back up and will be running

I hope to have some screencaps and some new gifs up for you all as soon as I can.  Possibly looking to actually found a website for this amazing man.  For all fans check out Matthew’s twitter and get updated.  Toodles for now and thank you for those still loyally following.

I have seen Dish Dogs, Serial Mom is just there on my desktop waiting to be watched, and I haven't seen Endless Bummer, but it's definitely on the watchlist :) Now, I have no idea of how to upload movies or stuff like that, but it's for a good cause, so I can try and find out :D

I have figured this out, along with my login here, so we are back up and running.  Woot woot!

For the person who asked, Finder's Fee and Spanish Judges are both on Netflix instant (: I don't know if this helps, but they are there!

I have since acquired them in my movie collection via Amazon.  Worth owning at their very reasonable prices.

Looking to start

throwing some screencaps up of a lot of his movies soon.  Let me know you want this by reblogging.  Sorry for the lack of ML love, but life was busy with work and life.  Hoping to continue, will try to set up a few ques when I get home to keep you all filled to the brim on ML.  :)

I haven't seen Spanish Judges or Finder's Fee because I can't find them anywhere! Like Animal Room :( Do you have any streaming/dl links?

I don’t, and not sure how to make one, plus the audio on that one is out of sync on my render.  I could see if I can find a way to put it up or you could help me find out and shoot you both.  :)  Share the M. Lillard love.  Have you seen Serial Mom, Dish Dogs, or Endless Bummer?  Good ones too.

I watched Dead Man’s Curve last night.

Wait till you see the Spanish Judges.  I love that movie, just love it.  Really good, like Finder’s Fee.  :)


It features:

  • The guy playing Vaughn in Alias, whose name I cannot remember at the moment
  • Matthew Lillard being a psycho again (good stuff)
  • A ‘it’s like that-no wait it’s like that-no wait, it’s not like that’ sort of plot
Checked my inbox and:


it basically looked like this:

And I’m sitting here like…



I can’t find this movie. /Infinite tears.
(via fuckyeahmatthewlillard)


I can’t find this movie. /Infinite tears.

(via fuckyeahmatthewlillard)

I just got home..


It’s too hot outside

I can’t breathe

But I’m inspired to write, so yay